TRUSS Design, s.r.o.

Design and Static of Wolf Roof Trusses

TRUSS Design, s.r.o.

The company limited TRUSS Design, s.r.o. is an important partner of WOLF Systembau GmBH in the field of programme support for the WolfWin static software for Europe, as well as the training centre for the work with this software.

The main scope of business of TRUSS Design is designing and static assessment of WOLF system timber truss roof.

Use all the services provided by TRUSS-Design Wolf:

  • professional consultancy in the field of timber trussed rafters connected with WOLF´s punched nailplates
  • designing – detailed design of truss structure
  • engineering – support for the designers from the moment of designing the construction
  • static assessment
  • software trainings for Europe - WolfWin
  • distribution partner for the sale of WOLF punched nailplates for Middle and Eastern Europe

Except of this, our company provides full software support when designing these timber constructions. We also provide software trainings for designers of companies that cooperate with WOLF Systembau GmBH on European level. In their business, these companies use punched nailplates from WOLF Systembau as well as the WolfWin static programme.

Since 2018 we´ve been operating also as a distribution-commercial centre for the sale of WOLF punched nailplates for Middle and Eastern Europe. At the same time we work on the development of our own internal management system to manage all the processes of the SysKont commercial-production system that will significantly facilitate the complex management of the company processes related to the manufacturing of the timber trussed rafters.

Design with TRUSS Design, s.r.o.

  • avoid unnecessary costs, save money
  • use the benefits of the timber roof constructions with WOLF´s punched nailplates
  • design with us with the benefit provided by the space without barriers for large spans in the buildings
  • the heavy reinforced concrete ceiling is the past, it is going to be replaced by the effectivity of the truss construction
  • we will design the roof construction for you, your total savings on the price of the building can reach up to 20%
  • the professional expertise of our designers, engineers and the static assessment of the design is the guarantee of quality and reliable roof construction

What advantages do we offer?

  • high savings of timber compared to conventional constructions
  • possibility to roof large areas without support thanks to the span of timber constructions
  • bottom part of timber constructions is part of ceiling structure
  • precision and quality of timber constructions
  • quick and secure manufacturing and assembly
  • reliable statics

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